Program Visioneering


Program Visioneering makes sure every consultation is customized, which makes our pricing customizable, as well.

After establishing a cost to build your program from inception to its first stage of growth, we break the cost down into the following phases.  Feel free to take advantage of just one phase, or all four!


Customized Packages = Customized Pricing


We don't believe you should pay for services you are not interested in.  While we hope you allow us to walk you through all four phases of program growth, some of you might only need help through a few challenging areas.  After our free consultation call, we will present the cost for each of the four phases; based on your specific vision and the exact services you will need.


Equipment Purchasing Fee

We have a small fee for coordinating your orders with NZXT, Vertagear, and Nixeus.  

While you can place a retail order with these companies, we are taking the time to verify each organization's eligibility to qualify for this exclusive discount program.  We also will be sending you a sweet little care package!

Trust us, your price on this equipment will still be nearly impossible to beat!