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Equipment Discounts

Purchasing equipment can be time consuming, labor intensive, technical, and expensive.  Program Visioneering has partnered with NZXT, Vertagear, Nixeus, and Wooter Apparel to bring you exclusive pricing on gaming computers, chairs, monitors, peripherals and esports jerseys.

we have some amazing partners who want to help you build your space!



Your goals and objectives will determine the type of computers and machinery that you need.  Our goal is to place equipment in the hands of students and inspire more colleges to create esports programs.  To do this, we have worked to create affordable purchasing options through our partners.

NZXT is pleased to offer you computers through their BLD program at the MSRP cost of the components.  No assembly fees.  No markups.  No fluff.  Not to mention, they will still offer their warranty and top notch customer service!




It is VITAL that you provide for the physical needs and well-being of your esports athletes.  Having a fully adjustable chair for your students is a non-negotiable.  Vertagear is offering a generous 30% off their products.  Not only will these chairs offer full customization for your athletes, they will add a visual edge to your space, which is great for recruiting!




We are proud to be working with Nixeus, who offer a high quality, 144hz, 24" gaming monitor.  This model meets all standards for high-level competition.  At 30% off, this price will be nearly impossible to beat.



Esport athletes can be very particular about their keyboards, mice, mousepads, and headsets.  We will work with you on custom solutions and connecting with equipment companies who might be interested in your build-out.


Nixeus has graciously offered roughly 40% off their mechanical keyboards, which features Brown (Soft Tactile) or Blue (Clicky Tactile) mechanical switches that are each rated for up to 50 million key strokes..  A compact design with high-quality components make these a great addition to your gaming space!



Wooter Apparel is willing to give you a discount of 15% off Esports Jerseys!  They will even explore partnership with your school, which comes with a 30% discount!!  The quality is great and you can not be their pricing. 



We know how long it can take to find the right equipment, find a provider with a good price, and then find the quantity you need to outfit your spaces.  We are thrilled to be able to offer assistance to our clients in this process!

  We will manage all communications, order processing, and logistics for purchases made with our partner companies.  Products will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturers, creating a direct relationship for your future purchases.