Program Visioneering
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About Us


About us

Chris Allison - Founder

  Chris has loved gaming his entire life.  He has a heart to see the collegiate esports environment grow, become vibrantly diverse, and provide an amazing array of experiences for college students.  Having worked in higher education for the past 4 years, Chris has worked first hand with student "gamers" and knows the benefits that formalized esports programs offer.  An esports medium can provide social outlets, competitive platforms, experiential learning, educational integration, and good ole' fashioned fun.  Chris's passion is to see your organization cast a unique vision for esports, that aligns with your values and goals, in order to engage and empower students, staff, faculty, and brands.

  In August of 2016, Chris launched the 10th Esports Program in the United States to offer scholarships for recruits.  He also led a 12 student team to develop and execute an innovative Esports Expo on Southwest Baptist University's campus in April of 2017.  That expo featured Devin Nash and Darshan of Counter Logic Gaming and was live-broadcast, reaching 60,100 unique individuals through the university's partnered Twitch channel.



Andrew Reddington - Consultant

  Andrew has been a gamer since the mid-1980's where he got his start with the Atari 2600 and NES consoles. His passion for gaming continued to develop in college when Halo: CE was released on the XBOX. Since then, Andrew has been involved with esports through competing, viewing, and analyzing competitive esports players and teams. This passion led Andrew to start a varsity collegiate esports program at Illinois Wesleyan University in 2017.  Andrew is a member of the Competition Council with the National Association of Collegiate Esports.  Since launching his own program, Andrew has been counseling other college administrators looking to start programs. Through his love for competitive esports and his experience in the collegiate space, Andrew can provide insights on how to start a program while maneuvering through the various challenges of today's collegiate environment.